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Kijiji is a platform that is hosted for Black people, by Black people allowing them to showcase their holistic selves. We'll discuss business, community resources, universal Pre-k, but most of all, we will talk about Black lives, because they really do matter!

Micha james

Mom | Host | Blogger | Community Advocate

Meet Our Host

Micha James knows being a Mom is serious business, but she also knows how important laughter is along the way. With the encouragement and help of her Kijiji, she decided to blog about some of her life experiences via While in the late Rev. Dr. Carlton Eversley’s African-American History class, at Winston-Salem State University, she learned she wanted to be a “Voice for the Voiceless.” Whether on her blog, or now on the Our Kijiji vlog, she is committed to using her voice to uplift, encourage and teach. “Each one, teach one”, “When you know better, do better”, “If I can help somebody as I travel on…then my living will not be in vain,”

are just a few of the adages that keep Micha focused as she operates in the “Sandwich Generation” of caring for her son, Michai, while also trying to help her Mom age as healthy and safely as possible. She encourages anyone who is reading this to know they are not alone in whatever they’re dealing with and please use this site for support and encouragement.


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